PuffMi disposable vaporizers are among our best-selling items, and there’s more to them than meets the eye. This exclusive line of disposable vaporizers is available in multiple styles and offers an extensive assortment of fruit, menthol, soda, and tobacco blends. We think you do too—we appreciate a lot of variety—but which flavor is the best?

We created this tutorial for that reason. You should find some inspiration to choose your next all-day vape after perusing our ever-expanding variety and selecting our 14 PuffMi flavors.

Let’s begin with a few of our favorite PuffMi flavors now!

What Are The Best PuffMi Vape Flavours

1. Cola Ice

After trying this vape, you may be tempted not to open another can! Cola Ice PuffMi is among of our favorite soda vapes because it combines soda and menthol to create a refreshing combination. Replicating the sensation of ice cubes in your drink, the menthol addition captures the bubbly notes of an American-style cola, along with mild caramel notes on exhalation. Salutations to that!

2. Tobacco

For years, vapers have been drawn to the rich and dark taste of tobacco, and the Tobacco PuffMi shows that this is still very much true. Replicating the flavor of rolling pouches, the blend’s smoky undertones are mellowed by a hint of sweetness that intensifies to produce a nutty aftertaste when exhaled. It’s a well-balanced blend that’s perfect for those seeking a vape with less tobacco.

3. Mint Ice

PuffMi has a good amount of fruit knowledge. But if you want to keep things straightforward and like your vaporizers to be chilled, then go ahead and give the Mint Ice PuffMi a try! The addition of floral mint, which adds a unique coolness, intensifies the icy base note with mild sweet overtones created by the icy flavor.

4. Grapefruit Ice

These are your favorites that are still icy but with a dark and fruity flavor this time around. Vapers keep coming back for more thanks to blends like the Grape Ice PuffMi; we’re not sure what it is about the purple grape flavor that appeals to folks. As soon as you take a puff, the fruit’s juicy, sweet flavor will hit your tongue. A coating of ice will then soften and cool this strong flavor, giving you a small jolt.

5. Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

With each puff of the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava PuffMi, which has three expertly blended fruit flavors, you can experience the tropical breeze. This fruity medley is complex, but each note complements the others to create a rich vape that is never overbearing. This vaporizer has a sweet base from passionfruit and guava, which is balanced off by the tangy flavors of kiwi as you exhale.

6. Blueberry Sour Raspberry

This taste manages the raspberry’s “sour” quality quite well. Many sour raspberry flavors fall short of this and end up tasting sweet. However, PuffMi has unquestionably succeeded in creating a genuine sour candy taste that is well-balanced with the blueberry’s sweet and tart undertones.

7. Strawberry Kiwi

The Strawberry Kiwi flavor from PuffMi is a delicious combination of tart kiwi and sweet strawberries. The result is a delicious and delightful vaping experience. For those who prefer a well-balanced, fruity vape, this is a great option because the kiwi offers a zesty twist and the strawberry notes are noticeable on the inhale.

8. Banana Ice

PuffMi’s Banana Ice adds a refreshing menthol component to classic banana flavors for a distinctive twist. On the exhale, a faint hint of ice complements the rich, creamy banana flavor. This taste is an excellent option for those who enjoy a refreshing yet tropical vape.

9. Sour Apple Ice

The Sour Apple Ice flavor from PuffMi has a strong tart taste that is complemented by the crunch of green apples for individuals who enjoy tart vapes. Menthol makes changes throughout the entire flavor of the product by giving it a cool feeling. This could be a great step in your quest for tartness if you desire to add some hint of tart taste to your e-liquid.

10. Watermelon Gummy Bear

What you have here is a unique combination of delightful watermelon sweetness with the distinct flavor of gummy candy and a sprinkle of apple contained in Watermelon Gummy Bear. The result is that we have a delicious vape, which represents summer sweets perfectly. Fruit and sweet lovers will both be satisfied with this well-balanced combination.

11. Lush Ice

PuffMi’s Lush Ice is a strong, frosty twist on a traditional watermelon taste. A cool menthol kick complements the watermelon base to create a revitalizing and thrilling vaping experience. This taste is ideal if you’re searching for a refreshing and cold vape on those hot summer days.

12. Strawberry Mango Ice

It is a harmonious mixture of two popular fruits that have been nicely shaped with a cooling menthol kick. The taste of strawberries, ripe and ready to be picked off the vine, combines with a mango aura that is rich in tropicality; together these culminate as balanced flavors. Those who enjoy a fruity, icy vaping experience will find this e-liquid to be a perfect option because the menthol component exhales cool and refreshingly.

13. Mango Orange Watermelon

PuffMi’s Mango Orange Watermelon flavor combines the zesty sharpness of oranges, the rich sweetness of mangos, and the juicy goodness of watermelon, making it a triple threat. With each breath, the final result is a fusion of flavors on your tongue. For vapers looking for a tropical getaway, the well-balanced combination of these three fruits produces a vibrant and pleasant e-liquid.

14. Aloe Grape Ice

PuffMi’s Aloe Grape Ice is a unique and creative blend that blends the stimulating effect of menthol, the power of ripe grapes, and the calming characteristics of aloe vera. Because the aloe vera adds a gentle, calming undertone to the grape flavor, this e-liquid is particularly appealing to those who like a more complex and sophisticated vaping experience.

Summing Up

Although we made every effort to ensure that there was something for everyone, this is only a small sample of PuffMi vape flavors. We encourage you to look over the entire inventory. Additionally, our entire disposables selection is well worth looking at if you are looking to try something a bit different. With over 1000 vapes at affordable prices, it’s easier than ever to stock up on a few new favorites.