The IGET Legend disposable vapes are like other disposables in which failure is an inevitable issue. Nevertheless, the majority of errors can be corrected by following a few simple steps.

The purpose of the tutorial is to help vapers to rectify the problem of the IGET Legend not working and hence to have no need of replacements.

Quick Fixes For When Your IGET Legend Stop Working Unexpectedly

Reasons Why IGET Legend Is Not Working

We’ve highlighted the primary reasons why this disposable vape may not be working.

1. Blockage in airflow

The clog impeded the airflow channel, making it look that the Rock Legend vape had ceased operating. If you feel heat on the device, that means the atomizer is still operating.

So there are two separate symptoms of a restriction in airflow: The gadget is heating, but there is no vapor escaping.

2. Extreme Temperature

The ideal temperatures for using and storing vapes vary from 10℃ to 35℃.

So, if your gadget is overheating, becoming wet, or even freezing, this might be the primary reason it stops operating.

3. Incorrect Vaping Approaches

The incorrect vaping technique may diminish vaporization efficiency and eventually overload the vape heating system. They may be classified into two situations.

The first one is prolonged vaping duration, which reduces the atomizer’s ability to evaporate the e-liquid, resulting in no vapour production.

Another one is upside-down placement might cause e-liquid leakage, corrosive internal parts, and vape malfunction.

4. Low Battery

When the IGET Legend’s battery is going low, its vaporization efficiency suffers dramatically, as if it has already stopped operating.

Due to limited vaporization power, this scenario often results in less vapour and flavour.

5. Drained e-liquid

Whether the e-liquid includes or is devoid of nicotine, the LEGEND vape will no longer function if it runs out of juice.

As the e-liquid runs out, the atomizer warms the coils and wick, producing a burned flavour during vaping.

Drained e-liquid can sometimes be caused by a leak. E-liquid leakage is mainly caused by self-disassembly or poor distribution, which may be classified into two situations.

First, leakage can deplete e-liquid quickly and damage metal components, causing vape malfunctions.

Slight leakage may also provide unusual flavours and sticky drips. However, it may be repaired by simply dismantling.

6. Broken Atomizer

When the atomizer is broken, the heating system fails, and the gadget does not heat up sufficiently to generate vapour.

Tools for Fixing an IGET Legend That Is Not Working

Before we tell you about how to repair the IGET Legend Vape, let’s go over the tools we will need.

  1. A pair of pliers
  2. Cotton Swab
  3. A DIY charging cable
  4. Paper Towel

Fixing an IGET Legend Not Working

Here are common solutions for fixing the above-mentioned issues.

1. Clean the Blockage Using a Cotton Swab

Using a cotton swab, carefully remove the blockage from the air inlet or the mouthpiece.

Try removing a tiny blockage with a needle or anything thin and pointed.

To clear dust from the vaporizer, use a paper towel. 

2. Store and use the IGET Legend In a cool and dry place.

To reduce the chance of automatic shutdown, maintain a temperature between 10°C and 35°C, with 25°C being the ideal range.

Also, keep it in a cool, dry area because high humidity causes internal metal corrosion, lowering atomization efficiency or possibly shutting down automatically.

Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent the vaporizer from overheating and automatically shutting off.

3. Slow Down Vaping Time

Give the atomizer sufficient time, about 4-6 seconds between puffs, to evaporate the e-liquid and create the cloud of vapour.

Do not exceed 5-15 minutes of vaping; the longer you vape, the faster you burn out the coil.

4. Store the device upright

The device can be placed either horizontally on a flat surface or upright to avoid leaking.

It is advisable not to vape while lying down because the e-liquid may be spilled and that can lead to battery corrosion.

5. Charge It

We usually advise against charging this disposable vape for safety reasons. On the other hand, it can be used as a temporary measure until your new vape is shipped to you.

Keep in mind that any disassembly, charging, or refilling is done at your own risk. Here’s a simple guide on how to charge the IGET Legend vaporizer.

  1. Get the required items such as pliers, a paper towel, scissors, a power socket, and a DIY charger.
  2. Remove the bottom cap using pliers.
  3. Remove the battery and the tank with pliers.
  4. Make a connection of your DIY charger cable to the battery poles and run the socket.
  5. Take four recharges, each lasting between one and two minutes.
  6. Re-assemble the vape.
    1. Refill E-liquid

We generally do not advocate refilling the IGET Legend Vape for two reasons:

  1. Device self-limitation: This disposable vape is not designed to be taken apart and filled with e-juice, which may cause some parts to break, and can create problems.
  2. E-liquid incompatibility: The e-liquids you bought can possibly not fit the Legend Vape atomizers and also may not produce the same flavor as the prefilled e-liquid.

You are warned that you do so at your own risk.


Troubleshooting and fixing your IGET Legend Vape’s unforeseen faults do not always require a replacement. From unclogging the device to changing the way you vape, these speedy solutions will help you save money, and prolong the life of your device. Please note that good care and service are the basics for avoiding the breakdown of your vaporizer.