Step into the fast lane of disposable vaping in Australia for 2024 with our guide that will take you through the top 7 options. From edgy designs to amazing tastes, let us discover the latest innovations in the world of convenience and satisfaction. The following are the disposable vapes Australia is proud to have.

Explore The 7 Best Disposable Vapes In Australia For 2025

1. Puffmi Meshbox 5000

Presenting the Puffmi Meshbox 5000 Puff disposable device, that is not only stylish but also very long-lasting. It is made from premium materials and produced with precision techniques for the sake of its durability. The product is designed in a way that is sure to impress the users with its great look. The 650mAh rechargeable battery and the pre-filled 10ml of high-quality e-liquid allow you to enjoy vaping from the first to the last puff. There is a wide variety of fantastic flavours ahead of you. Its leading tastes are Grapefruit Ice, Quad Berry, Aloe Grape Ice, Mint Ice, Tobacco, Cola Ice, and Sour Apple Ice. It serves as an ideal pick for people who are on the go and those who deem portability very important.

2. KUZ 6000 Puffs

With a whopping 6000 puffs of rich, fulfilling vapour, the Kuz Disposable Vape is the perfect way to get the best vaping experience. Better taste profiles and a high-capacity battery ensure that you get more out of every puff with our newest addition to the Puffmi line-up. Mango Ice, Dynamic Mint, Double Apple, Lush Ice, and Grape Ice are just a few of the 15 amazing flavours available on this gadget. For those who want more taste, more puffs, and greater convenience from their vaping experience, there is the Kuz C6000. From the first to the last puff, you may enjoy the smooth, rich vapour without having to refill or recharge.

3. IGET Bar 3500 Puffs

For those who want convenience, the IGET Bar 3500 Puffs is the ideal vaping device. 12 millilitres of premium e-liquid are pre-filled into each device, providing 3500 puffs in total. The IGET Bar has a stylish, small shape that makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. If this is the gadget of your choice, you may select from more than 30 different flavours. The greatest flavours include Kiwi Pineapple Ice, Black Forest, Blackberry Ice, Blueberry Ice, Double Apple, Strawberry Raspberry, and Strawberry Lychee. To turn on the gadget, just inhale; then, enjoy a smooth and fulfilling experience.


HBAR delivers the luxury disposables you’ve come to love. With a 550mAh built-in battery, Type-C charging capability, and 16ml of pre-filled delectable e-liquid, this device provides a premium experience in a sleek and ergonomic mouthpiece. You may select from a variety of delicious flavours on the gadget. Some of its popular flavours are Black Ice Blackberry, Mix Berries, Mango Watermelon, Grapey, and Strawberry Kiwi.

5. IGET Legend 4000 Puffs

The IGET Legend 4000 is an excellent e-cigarette choice. It has a cool aluminium body and a soft rubber mouthpiece. It is tiny enough to fit in your hands, pockets, or luggage, making it portable. With a strong 1350mAh battery and a huge 12ml e-liquid capacity, the IGET Legend delivers an impressive 4000 puffs per device. Each device is pre-filled with high-quality e-liquid, available in a broad choice of tasty flavours such as Plain Coffee, Grape Ice, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Mango Banana Ice, and Blackberry Ice.

6. HQD Cuvie Slick Disposable Vape

The 12mm-slim CUVIE Slick has a lightweight form factor that flows with you, allowing you to easily carry it in your pockets or keep it in your hand while on the go. CUVIE SLICK weighs 70g and is meant to make your trip agile, whether close or far! The all-in-one design with increased leak-proofing has a 15ml prefilled capacity, allowing you to vape all day without mess! A huge 1400 mAh battery that gives a pleasing 6,000 puffs for long-lasting smoke powers the HQD Cuvie Slick. Some of its top flavours are Black Ice, Sky Mint, Ice Mint, Blueberry Lemonade, Lush Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, Banana Ice, and Grapey.

7. IGET STAR L7000

With its sleek cuboid design and ergonomic drip tip, the IGET STAR L7000 emanates a relaxed vaping attitude that will appeal to both aficionados and newbies. Crafted from high-quality aluminium, this gadget not only looks great, but it also keeps those authentic fruity flavours vivid and true to taste with each puff. With over 7000 puffs in the tank, you can enjoy long vaping sessions without the trouble of continually recharging or refilling. This device comes in 13 fruit-rich flavour options, including Cherry Ice, Lush Ice, Double Apple, Peach Ice, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Mango Ice, Blackberry Ice, and Passion Fruit Mango Ice.


The leading disposable options for 2024 in Australia are a merger of inventiveness and simplicity. From the IGET STAR L7000 with rich flavours to the Puffmi Meshbox 5000 with longer vaping sessions, each device offers a different experience, giving you a wide range of flavours to choose from. Take pleasure in every puff as you savour the flavourful vape!